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    BLESSINGS – good afternoon

    I would like for you to please give ME instructions, if this would even be possible. In any case, I do ask that you send ME an email to MY email address

    I am wanting to create an online bank account(checking), but one of the main problems is that I do not live in the USA…I live in Bolivia, South America. Since this would be international, would I need an address over there in the USA?

    I am a US citizen and I do have a valid US passport. I am also a veteran of the US army, and I also have a veterans card.

    I do not know if this can be done through the computer, or through your facebook “chat”, or would I have to call one of your 1-800 phone numbers. Would I need to travel up to the USA to do any/all of this.

    How would the initial deposit be done.

    I do ask that you please inform ME to this email account I have included here whether any of this can be done and how to do so. I thank you very much.



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